Landing Page

Landing Page

Dear friends of music,

I want to help you to your next album, EP or demo. Here is what I can offer you:


Leave your gear at home and only bring your sticks and guitars. Use my instruments (drummer, guitar & bass amp), which are already equipped with mics, so that you can come in and start recording your music straightaway – without hours of set-up and soundcheck. Mic placements and acoustics have already been checked and fine-tuned, meaning I can guarantee high-quality recordings from the outset. 

RECORDING | 250€ per day

Let me produce your music and help you get the best out of your music in a full day of recording. I’ll provide you with separate headphones so that you will hear yourself clearly. This way you don’t fight against the volume and can relax and simply enjoy making music. You won’t even notice that we are recording the best possible performance. You’ll get multi-track recordings as separate wav-files for further editing, mixing and mastering (44,1kHz, 24bit/32bit).


Whether I have recorded your music or you already have done recordings of your songs I can polish your music and give it a competitive, balanced, transparent, punchy, dynamic and powerful sound. 

I will edit the tracks and correct rhythmical and pitch inaccuracies with ProTools‘ Beat-Detective, Elastic-Audio as well as Melodyne.

With mixing, I am going to get rid of harsh and muddy frequencies and emphasise the good sonic qualities with equalisation. Furthermore I will tastefully add compression to the tracks, making sure that nothing gets lost or unheard, and give it a strong and powerful sound.

Finally, I’ll master the mixes by comparing them to other songs out there. Your songs will be able to compete with other music on iTunes, Spotify or on the radio in terms of volume, dynamics, transparency and impact. You’ll receive the mixes as wav-files (44,1kHz, 16bit) for the Master-CD and as MP3-files (256kBit, 16bit) for iTunes, Spotify etc.


I always have my DSLR camera around, so you will also get some nice photos and videos capturing the atmosphere of the day, which I will tweak a little, so you can use them on your website or in the booklet of your CD or vinyl.


If you intend to print commercial CD’s, even with a booklet, I can give you advice on where to do that affordably.

If you would like to get an idea of what the music I produce sounds like, have a listen to my portfolio.

If you have any questions, thoughts or need advice on anything related to capturing and publishing your music yourself, or if you simply prefer to get to know me a little better before your trust me to collaborate on your music, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly

+49 176 9697 6774 |