RECORDING – 250€/Day

RECORDING – 250€/Day

Ready to record: Just Plug In And Play

Use my fully equipped and microphoned studio to play and record your next songs. You’ll benefit from a room optimized for live recordings, with proper acoustic treatment for the best acoustic outcome. Drum-set and amps are already optimally positioned and carefully miked for immediate recording. All you need to bring are yourselves and your guitars. This not only guarantees the best possible sound for this room, but makes the process for you and your band as smooth and efficient as possible.

Plug into a fantastic 100 Watt Marshall Triple Super Lead or use the studio’s outstanding effects by TC Electronics.

100 Watt Marshall Triple Super Lead Guitar Amp

Nail down your beats at a Mapex drumset with Evans heads and Sabian cymbals.

Flying Studios Mapex Drumset

Plug your bass directly into an UAD Apollo Twin with a Softube amp simulator.

UAD Softube Bass Amp, UAD Apollo TWIN

Sing into Michael Jackson’s favourite microphone – the Shure SM7.

Flying Studios Berlin Shure SM7

A headphone-preamp plus enough headphones give us a maximum of 12 different headphone-mixes. You’ll hear only the instruments you want and need to hear to give the best performance.

A UAD Apollo Twin and a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 interface give us a maximum of 10 tracks which can be recorded simultaneously, plus endless overdubbs 🙂

  1. Vocal
  2. Guitar
  3. Bass
  4. Overhead Left
  5. Overhead Right
  6. High-Tom
  7. Low-Tom
  8. Stand-Tom
  9. Snare
  10. Kick

Here Is What You’ll Get

      • Up to 10 hours of full-on recording
      • Fully Equipped Studio 
        • Overdubbing or live-performance possible.
        • Headphones available for everyone, to hear the other instruments properly and deliver the best possible performance.
        • Acoustically-treated room for clear tracks free of room-noise.
        • Use of great drum-set and wonderful guitar Marshall amp and bass amp for your music.
      • Multitracks (WAV-Files, 44,1 kHz, 16 bit) for further mixing and mastering.

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