Mobile Recording Studio

Mobile Recording Studio

“Did you know that TOCOTRONIC or the BEATSTICKS record their albums in their practice room?”

We are a mobile music recording studio and can record your music in your familiar space. You don´t have to move your entire rehearsal room to a studio and be already exhausted even before having played one tone. Just leave everything where it is and let us bring all the gear we need to capture your music!

We take the raw tracks back to our studio, where they will be mixed and mastered to be able to compete with all the other music out there!

If you have your songs written and practiced and long to make a high-quality record at a fair price, get in touch with us an send a demo to or use the contact mailform with a link to your demos.

Have you already recorded your music yourself and want to give it another set of objective ears then let us mix your tracks, relax and look forward to the polished version of your music. Please send us your complete session if you are using ProTools or the wave files of each track.

We are based in international Berlin-Kreuzberg, that´s why we offer our services in English, but we speak German, too, of course! 😉