Here is how I will polish your music with mixing.

The ultimate aim of mixing is, of course, to create a song with biggest possible emotional impact on the listener. In practice, it’s about achieving balance. This means that each and every instrument must be clearly heard, and distractions like unpleasing frequencies or volume jumps eliminated.

The first step is to adjust the volume of each track (instrument), and to determine with panning where on the stereo spectrum the instrument should be heard (left, middle, right or somewhere in between).

The next step is to remove harsh, muddy, thick, dull or uncomfortable frequencies, while boosting pleasant frequencies. We use equalizers for this. We want to emphasise the character of each instrument or voice and to separate it from the rest of the mix.

After that, compression helps not only to control big volume jumps and to make quieter beats, strums or words more audible, but also to give performances more punch, attack, volume and overall character.

After this work is done the fun part begins!

We now add effects like reverb and delay to breathe life into the dry studio recordings and give each instrument its own space in the three-dimensional room. The more reverb we add to a sound the further away it appears so we literally can place instruments ‘further back’ in a mix, for even more separation.

Finally, we automate everything from volume to plugin settings and apply them to the performance of the song, emphasising important transitions, beats and moments to make the music soar.

Hear the difference for yourself! Below you’ll find a raw recording and final mix of the same song. You should notice a difference in the transparency of each instrument.


I can bring your raw recordings to the next level, too. Here’s the comprehensive service I offer:

    • Correction of rhythmical and intonation issues.
    • Volume-balance | Making sure no instrument gets lost.
    • Panning | Having the toms roll from left to right.
    • Tone | EQ & compression to give each a transparent, consistent and punchy character
    • Effects | Reverb & delay to give every instrument its place in the mix for a three-dimensional listening experience.
    • Automation | Driving the performance of the song to a bigger emotional experience.

UP TO TWO ROUNDS OF CHANGES | My first mix and up to two further rounds of comprehensive edits to incorporate your feedback and requests, ensuring a result in line with your own artistic vision.

    • MP3 (256kbit | 44,1kHz)
    • WAV (16bit | 44,1kHz, for further mastering)

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