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What You Can Learn From Your Broken Kitchen Speakers

What You Can Learn From Your Broken Kitchen Speakers

The other day I found myself cleaning the kitchen, after my (exploded) broken water heater was fixed. I was listening to Sting Live At The Olympia Paris and I noticed something in the song Shape Of My Heart.

I could hear the main guitar, but with a lot of reverb, which I wasn’t used to. Wondering, I looked at my speakers in the kitchen and noticed that the left one was broken. So I only heard the right one. And then the reason for this weird atmosphere came to me.

The mixer of this performance must have panned the main guitar on the left (at least slightly, why I couldn’t hear it in that broken speaker) and put the reverb on the right side of the mix (the only thing I could hear from the guitar).

This is a famous mixing trick to make the reverb audible, thus the performance more inspiring, while keeping the the transparency of the whole mix by moving the actual reverb away from its signal.

Let me show you in ProTools how to set it up. You’ll get the same result in any other DAW.