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Mix-Reflections |“Mindset“ by „Alien Bird“

Mix-Reflections |“Mindset“ by „Alien Bird“

In this insight-video we analyse the song Mindset by Alien Bird.

Walter and I will compare before and after versions of the following mixing hacks:

  • 40m large hall reverb on backing vocals
  • auto-panning on acoustic guitar to emphasise the flanger-effect, and snare brushes to emphasise the circled movement
  • hard compression, distortion and an added octave on the piano to make it more audible and punchier through the mix
  • dark reverb on the rhythm guitar to make it sit behind the piano in the chorus
  • stacked vocal compressors (3) for maximum character

You can support Alien Bird by listening, sharing and downloading their music, which you can find on their website – www.alienbirdmusic.com

If you would you like us to mix your music and make a video like this, please get in touch via this email address – info@flyingstudios.de

What You Can Learn From Your Broken Kitchen Speakers

What You Can Learn From Your Broken Kitchen Speakers

The other day I found myself cleaning the kitchen, after my (exploded) broken water heater was fixed. I was listening to Sting Live At The Olympia Paris and I noticed something in the song Shape Of My Heart.

I could hear the main guitar, but with a lot of reverb, which I wasn’t used to. Wondering, I looked at my speakers in the kitchen and noticed that the left one was broken. So I only heard the right one. And then the reason for this weird atmosphere came to me.

The mixer of this performance must have panned the main guitar on the left (at least slightly, why I couldn’t hear it in that broken speaker) and put the reverb on the right side of the mix (the only thing I could hear from the guitar).

This is a famous mixing trick to make the reverb audible, thus the performance more inspiring, while keeping the the transparency of the whole mix by moving the actual reverb away from its signal.

Let me show you in ProTools how to set it up. You’ll get the same result in any other DAW.

RECORDING | Choir & Grand Piano

RECORDING | Choir & Grand Piano

A little Making-Of about a project I did a few weeks ago, where I recorded a choir and grand-piano.

I talk a little bit about the background of the whole idea, about microphones, equipment and techniques and I let you listen to some raw material.

At the end you can watch and listen to the mastered version of „Adiemus“.

Hope you enjoy it!