Lorenz Stanze in den FlYING STUDIOS.

I believe, these days, we can make records with a laptop and a pair of headphones, on the train, plane or sofa!

That’s what I did with my first album and if you like the sound of it, I want to encourage you, that you are able to achieve the same results.

And here you can learn how.

This website is dedicated to you, a full-heart musicians who has a vision. A vision of finally holding a record in your hands and proudly present it to the world. Musicians who are also fascinated by the whole production process and are crazy enough to think they can do everything (, except playing drums, perhaps 😉

From learning how to use which microphones to record the best possible raw material in any room. How to edit vocals, guitars, keys and drums to make your performance even more musical. How to mix and master the instruments and voices in the most transparent and powerful way, experienceing the birth of a song you didn’t even know could sound so good. And finally how to get it copyrighted onto a cd and online.

I personally believe in minimalism.

That’s why we’re going to limit our tools to the utmost minimum, therefore giving you the freedom to actually get it done without being distracting by the overwhelming amount of choices out there, of what to buy and what to use.

„Do you have to be technical as well as artistic? Well, I’m a kind of a Victorian. And because in Victorian times there was no distinction between art and science, and all the great scientists from like William Herschel to Isaac Newton himself, all the great photographers like Fox Talbot and Daguerre, they were all technicians, scientists and artists and they saw no distinction between the two. So that’s the way I am, you know, so I love to get into the technical side of it but the technical side of it won’t be uppermost in my mind when I’m playing something, but I think it’s great to know what’s going on.“ – Brian May | Brain May’s Red Special – The Book Launch