Mix-Reflections |“Mindset“ by „Alien Bird“

Mix-Reflections |“Mindset“ by „Alien Bird“

In this insight-video we analyse the song Mindset by Alien Bird.

Walter and I will compare before and after versions of the following mixing hacks:

  • 40m large hall reverb on backing vocals
  • auto-panning on acoustic guitar to emphasise the flanger-effect, and snare brushes to emphasise the circled movement
  • hard compression, distortion and an added octave on the piano to make it more audible and punchier through the mix
  • dark reverb on the rhythm guitar to make it sit behind the piano in the chorus
  • stacked vocal compressors (3) for maximum character

You can support Alien Bird by listening, sharing and downloading their music, which you can find on their website – www.alienbirdmusic.com

If you would you like us to mix your music and make a video like this, please get in touch via this email address – info@flyingstudios.de

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