Lorenz Stanze. Born 6th of November 1986 in Berlin, Germany. Started playing electric rock guitar with 15. Experienced choir-singer. Studied music and English in Leipzig. Classical guitar, bass, drums, piano, vocals. Self-taught music-mixer and front of house engineer. Published his debut-album in September 2018. Founded the FLYING STUDIOS in 2016 and is currently living in Berlin.



„Do you have to be technical as well as artistic? Well, I’m a kind of a Victorian. And because in Victorian times there was no distinction between art and science, and all the great scientists from like William Herschel to Isaac Newton himself, all the great photographers like Fox Talbot and Daguerre, they were all technicians, scientists and artists and they saw no distinction between the two. So that’s the way I am, you know, so I love to get into the technical side of it but the technical side of it won’t be uppermost in my mind when I’m playing something, but I think it’s great to know what’s going on.“ – Brian May | Brain May’s Red Special – The Book Launch