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Hi, my name is Lorenz Stanze and I mix music. The mixing of raw recordings into a powerful song is a very fullfilling way of making music and the smile on the musicians‘ faces after listening to the final version is very rewarding. Let me quickly show you, what mixing is. Listen to these two versions of the same song and guess which is the pure recording and which is the final mix.

EXAMPLE 1: Before VS. After

Now, which version do you prefer? Possibly the first, as this is the final mix. Listen to these two before & after versions and try to describe why you like one than the other.

EXAMPLE 2: Before VS. after.

Mixing is balance. The balance of all the song’s instruments and voices. Our first aim is a distraction-free listening experience, where all instruments can be heard clearly throughout the song, so that our inner eye can wander around and enjoy the musical part we want to focus on. Music mixing is more creative to me than technical and our biggest aim is giving the listener the most impactful and emotional experience possible.


Music Here are some more musicians I’ve recently worked with: