250€ / Day

  • We record as many songs as we can in one day.
  • Multitrack recordings of your songs in your familiar space (e.g. rehearsal room, studio, home).
  • We bring all the gear (microphones, cables, interface, computer, stands etc.) we need to you.
  • You´ll get raw multitracks to mix yourself, by us or a mixer/studio of your choice.


150€ / Song

  • We take your raw multitracks and mix them to a radio-radio quality.
  • You´ll get MP3s and WAV files for further distributions.
  • 2 Revisions


45€ / Project

  • Your music on an online platform and streaming service.
  • iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, Apple Play, Pandora, Tidal etc.
  • You keep 100% of your royalties with a monthly payment on one or several bank accounts.
  • You can even publish cover songs legally.