The Flying Studios Berlin are a small recording-mixing-music-studio based in Berlin Kreuzberg.

Lorenz Stanze offers live-sound, mobile recording and mainly mixing services.

After graduating with a masters from the prestigious ‘Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy’ university school of music in Leipzig, Germany, I turned to audio editing and mixing. I’m now a full-time freelance audio engineer based in Berlin, where I have a home studio equipped with everything necessary to produce top-quality versions of your music.

I’m a musician myself (I play electric guitar, classical guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, and vocals), compose my own music, and have played in a number of bands. I therefore know the process of making music as both a writer/performer and from the technical end. I like to work closely with bands to help them realise their own vision for their music. My priorities are always customer-satisfaction, good communication, responsiveness, reliability and flexibility. I can usually produce a quick turn-around if required, and always deliver by the agreed deadline.

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