Make Your Own Electric Cables

Make Your Own Electric Cables

Here´s the thing: I hate seeing cables.

That´s why I always try to make them disappear, whether on stage, in the studio or at home.

It´s actually quite easy to make them yourself.

Here´s what you need:

  1. PLUGS: I used a male kettle plug and a female euro plug.
  2. ELECTRIC CABLE: I had some old ones I didn´t use, so I “upcycled” them 😉
  3. PLIERS (to cut the cables)
  4. WIRE STRIPPER or a sharp knife (to remove the isolation from the cable and wires)
  5. SCREWDRIVER (philips or slot)

Here´s how to do it:

  1. Unscrew the plugs.
  2. Determine the required length of the inner wires.
  3. Remove insulation from the cable and the wires.
  4. Twist the wires between your fingers.
  5. Put one half of the plug over the cable. (I always forget to do this and then I have to unscrew everything and do it again.)
  6. For German plugs, you put the yellowgreen wire in the middle slot of the plugs. The blue and brown one can go either side. (Check out the precise wiring arrangements for country´s plugs 😉 )
  7. Make sure the wires don´t gave any contact with each other.
  8. Tighten all screws and make sure the cable relief is fixed.
  9. Close the plugs.
  10. CONGRATUALTIONS! You´ve just made your own electric cable.


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